NetBSD Internals 日本語(のような言語)版

The NetBSD Developers (言語変換(訳): KAIDOU プロジェクト)

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Published: 2010/03/06 16:30:38

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Table of Contents

訳註: これは作業してる最中のもので、本来、訳作業者以外は見えないものです。 訳作業者以外は見ないでください。意味が反対になったりとか当然にあるから、 内容は利用しないでください。
Purpose of this book
1. Memory management
1.1. The UVM virtual memory manager
1.2. Managing wired memory
2. File system internals
2.1. vnode layer overview
2.2. VFS layer overview
2.3. File systems overview
2.4. Initialization and cleanup
2.5. Mounting and unmounting
2.6. File system statistics
2.7. vnode management
2.8. The root vnode
2.9. Path name resolution procedure
2.10. File management
2.11. Symbolic link management
2.12. Directory management
2.13. Special nodes
2.14. NFS support
2.15. Step by step file system writing
3. Processes and threads
3.1. Process startup
3.2. Traps and system calls
3.3. Processes and threads creation
3.4. Processes and threads termination
3.5. Signal delivery
3.6. Thread scheduling


6. Regression testing
6.1. Testing file systems
A. Acknowledgments
A.1. Authors
A.2. 原著の License
B. Bibliography

List of Tables

2.1. vnode operations summary
2.2. VFS operations summary
3.1. struct execsw fields summary
3.2. vmcmd methods
3.3. Files produced from syscalls.master
3.4. Scheduling priorities
4.1. struct radix_node_head interfaces
4.2. struct rtentry members
4.3. struct socket members
4.4. struct sockbuf members
5.1. netisdn terminology
5.2. Available networking pseudo-devices